Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adobong Pusit

Adobong Pusit

The Filipino Recipes Kitchen (The home of delicious Filipino Recipes) invites you to try Recipe For Adobong Pusit. Enjoy tasty Filipino Cuisine "Adobong Pusit" and learn how to cook it


1/2     kilo of squid
1/4     cup of water
1/2     cup of vinegar
1/2     teaspoon of pepper
5        small garlic, crushed
2        spoon of cooking oil
1        small onion, sliced
2        tomato, sliced
          salt and sugar for flavoring


Clean and rinse the squid. Don't remove the ink. Boil the squid with water, vinegar, pepper, salt and garlic. Cover the casserole and let it soften. Strain it and seperate the garlic. Put aside the sauce.

In a frying pan, saute the garlic in a hot cooking oil. Add the onion and tomato and let it soften. Add up the squid and the set aside sauce. Season it until the sauce becomes little in quantity.

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